Bocken Trading, LLC focuses primarily on agricultural commodity markets with emphasis on Chicago, Kansas City, and Minneapolis wheat as well as corn, soybeans, soybean meal, and soybean oil. Trading Principal Megan Bocken gained a thorough understanding of the grain trade by helping to service commercial grain accounts including both users and producers, and by studying the fundamentals of the grain markets as a research analyst. She currently maintains her own research focusing on wheat, corn, and soybeans placing special emphasis on relationships among the different classes of wheat. This includes forecasting both US and world supply and demand of each particular commodity in order to determine “value” and price trends based on ever-changing market conditions. It also involves a careful and constant monitoring of US and world weather, geopolitical issues, and currency relationships. By combining these factors, Megan is able to make trading decisions that integrate flat price, intra- and inter-market spreads, as well as option strategies.