Megan Bocken joined the LaSalle Group of Refco LLC as a floor runner on the Chicago Board of Trade in August, 1995. She transitioned to a phone clerk, handling customer orders and performing a number of back office duties. Mrs. Bocken became registered with the CFTC as an Associated Person on August 23, 2000 and as an NFA Associate Member on the same day with Refco, LLC. In her capacity as an Associated Person, Mrs. Bocken handled research in the area of U.S. and world wheat supply and demand. The LaSalle Group moved to Rosenthal Collins Group in 2006 at which point Megan became an AP of RCG, LLC. ¬†On June 19, 2009, Mrs. Bocken left the LaSalle Group and joined Iowa Commodities, LTD, a Guaranteed Introducing Broker of ADM Investor Services. In this role, Mrs. Bocken’s focus shifted to trading managed futures accounts while maintaining her analytical work in the wheat, corn, and soybean areas.

On February 22, 2011, Mrs. Bocken became a Listed Principal of Bocken Trading, LLC. As an Associated Person of Bocken Trading, Mrs. Bocken seeks to employ similar trading strategies and methodologies that she employed individually in her capacity as an Associated Person of Iowa Commodities Ltd. As a Listed Principal of Bocken Trading, LLC, Mrs. Bocken is responsible for supervision and compliance with NFA Rules and other laws and regulations pertinent to all business conducted.